1. Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management:

Based on the following principles:

  • Preservation of natural resources.
  • Resource recovery.
  • Environmental management and reduction of pollution.

By providing this service, Kawn aims to reach one of its ultimate goals, a zero waste environment. This can be achieved by reducing the amount of waste at source, recycling waste and turning organic waste into natural compost and energy.

2. Integrated Hazardous Waste Management (Medical and Industrial):

Modern hazardous waste processes are based on technologies that ensure the application of safe disposal programs in a scientific and sustainable way, and periodic testing that ensures compliance with environmental and health regulations.

3. Wastewater Treatment:

Wastewater treatment is based on a set of natural, chemical and biological processes for the removal of solid and organic materials and microorganisms, as well as the removal of some highly concentrated elements such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen that are present in waste water.

4. Environmental Studies and Consultancy:

One of most prominent services is conducting environmental risk studies and environmental impact assessments (EIA), as well as providing environmental consultancy.

5. Environmental Measurements:

This service is based on constant coordination with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to prepare annual environmental measurements and assessment plans for the management of waste and preservation of natural resources.